This page is dedicated to those who had the drive to become one of the best. A Rage In The Cage Champion.

Donovan Cross

Gym- MGV Fight Team

Height - 5'9"
Weight- 205 *C* HW
“I can’t thank everyone enough for this, it’s been an awesome few weeks training and actually getting to fight again! I missed it so damn much! I’m glad fights are back up and going. Huge thanks to @chels.iverson for helping me out in every single way from the massages every night to prepping and cooking the best tasting healthy lunches and dinners etc. @mgvasquez84 @sammy_bland21 Justin and everyone else for coming together and giving me some sparring partners and training I could get! My dad for working with my weight cut and letting me take off work, and to all of those that came and supported or supported from a distance, I appreciate you all more than you know! Hope everyone has a great night, thank you!” – Donovan Cross

Efrem ‘e-train’


Gym- Legion MMA Phoenix, AZ

Height – 6′ 1″

Weight – 175 *C* LHW

“Legion MMA, the house of champions. The staff in this building play a huge role in my life. Rather if it’s the coaches or my teammates, sometimes my teammates are coaches or my coaches are teammates. No matter who you are, you’ll know that Legion MMA is home. I’ve been going through alotta shit lately and these folks here always let me know that there are always there for me. They are ALWAYS there for US, the team. Everytime I lose my way, this place always helps me find it. This is the family that has never shut there doors on me. I love ya’ll man. And I apologize when I act like a stubborn child. Haha
Looking at the picture, from the left to the right…
‘He came to fight but you came for a WAR.’ (Coach Justin Trigg voice)
‘Easy work.’ (Coach Jason Robinson voice)
‘Pay’em and leave. Don’t wait for change.’ (Coach Grace Brazier Keith voice)
And my favorite ‘I am with you brotha. TOO HELL AND BACK!’ (Coach Mario Velez Jr. voice)”
-Efrem Thompson-
Efrem 'E-Train' Thompson AKA 'The Navajo Artifact'

Joshua Vancza aka 'Loki Legion'

Gym – hdh (hate da heat kickboxing)

Height – 5′ 11″
Weight – 155 *C*  M

” Thank you Kyle Back ! I am grateful for your support!!!! More to come.”
-Loki Legionson-

Joshua Vancza aka 'Loki Legionson' of Hate Da Heat Kickboxing Cottonwood, AZ


HEIGHT - 5' 10.5" WEIGHT - 147*C* W